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                                                                       AND MARKING


                                                                             S&S  Precision  marking  devices  and  flashlight
                                                                             mounts  are  designed  to  increase  operational
                                                                             capability while streamlining and minimizing
                                                                             unnecessary  bulk.    By  keeping  gear closer  to  the
                                                                             helmet form and  body, cantilevered  forces are
                                                                             reduced.  In helmet mounted systems, lower profile
                                                                             designs  directly  relate  to  less  resistance  on  the
                                                                             head and neck.  The results provide the wearer with
                                                                             better overall balance, quicker reactions, and more
                                                                             accurate  engagements.  This  is  the  confluence  of
                                                                             design, functionality, and kinesthetics. Read more
                                                                             on this here:
                                                                             Palmer, C. (2012) WARFIGHTER LOAD, SURVIVABILITY,
                                                                             AND  SHOOT  AND-MOVE  DYNAMICS.  Infantry
                                                                             Magazine, April-Aug 2012 PP 28-32.

                                                                             At  S&S,  every  detail  is  meant  to  limit
                                                                             the burden  for  the  operator.  We’ve
                                                                             paid attention to the details so you can
                                                                             focus on your mission.

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