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          Dear Reader,                                          To Our Customers,
                                                                Since our inception in 2007, our commitment to the end
          Thank you for believing in and supporting S&S Precision   user has not changed. Our innovations are driven by the
          along this 10-year journey in business.               needs of the individual users.

          As our products, people, and relationships evolve we   To our Community near and far,
          have come to a pillar of truth: “Always put people first.”   S&S has been involved with a number of different
          We pledge ourselves to supporting and building up those   charitable organizations over the past 10 years, focusing
          within our reach and we believe this pillar is the most   on paying it forward as much as back.  More importantly,
          authentic reflection of success in this world.        we feel that “time given” matters just as much as the
                                                                amount donated. We encourage everyone to give where
          Everyone at S&S brings something to the table that makes   they can. Our collective support for these organizations is
          us all better at what we do. When you purchase one of   instrumental to reaching those in need.
          our products, you are getting the best product from a   S&S continues to introduce innovative products and
          dedicated and passionate group of people. Our team is   services specific to our Government, Military and Law
          the heart and soul of this company and we value them as   Enforcement customers. We believe these technologies
          family.                                               reflect our continued commitment  to answering
                                                                operational needs as expressed throughout our

                                                                Over the past 10 years, we have been fortunate enough to
                                                                work with dozens of private companies on over 75 different
                                                                development and/or manufacturing projects. We would
                                                                personally like to thank these companies for believing in
                                                                our innovation, design and manufacturing capabilities.

                                                                Team S&S understands the challenges of bringing concepts
                                                                from paper to reality.  Therefore, we offer our services to
                                                                other small businesses that need help.

                                                                We have invested significantly in our own manufacturing
                                                                capabilities, to include;  a diverse and creative design/
                                                                engineering team, in-house mold design & manufacturing,
                                                                injection molding presses, CNC machines and a number of
                                                                other processes to get the job done.
                                                                Continue monitoring our progress throughout the year
                                                                as we introduce new products as they mature and open
                                                                new channels to receive your feedback. We will continue to
                                                                provide you with innovative solutions.

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